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Wulingyuan Sandstone Pillars (16 photos)

Often called by foreigners as China's Yellowstone Park, this spectacular area is noted for its large volume and variety of quartz sandstone pillars, ravines and gorges, limestone caves and ancient ecosystem.

With an area of more than 264 sq. km in China's Hunan Province, the Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area encompasses three sections: the Zhangjiajie national forest reserve, the Suoxi Brook area and the Mt. Tianzi area.

The major topography consists of sandstone hills, evolving into more than 3,103 bizarre peaks, many over 400 m high. Between the peaks lie ravines and gorges with streams, pools and waterfalls, and some 40 caves, as well as two large natural bridges. Remote from the outside world, the site is 85% covered with trees, and 99% covered with vegetation.

The landscape of Wulingyuan is renowned for five wonders: spectacular peaks, unique rocks, secluded valleys, serene waters and deep karst caves.

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