вторник, 14 сентября 2010 г.

Germany opens Alps viewing platform

A new platform offering stunning views of the Alps has opened in the mountains of southern Germany.
The X-shaped platform is made of two arms, each 82 feet long and ending with a wall of glass that allows a fantastic view of Garmish 1000 meters below and offers visitors a unique, unfettered view of the nation's highest peak, the Zugspitze, and the surrounding alpine panorama.


People enjoy the view from the new AlpspiX viewing platform at the Alpspitze which is part of the Bavarian Alps near Garmisch-Partenkirchen, southern Germany.
Employees work on the AlpspiX viewing platform at the southern Bavarian Alps mountain Alpspitze in Garmisch-Partenkirchen June 29, 2010.

Photo: Reuters, AFP, DDP, DPADaylifeStern Magazine.

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